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Success Stories

818 Dental

Support that Meets Your Practice Wherever You Are

Switching to EXACT and joining the Customer Success Program has given 818 Dental an invaluable support network.

After switching to EXACT and joining the Customer Success Program, Lloyd Saville of 818 Dental in Melbourne realised the program helps practices strive to be special and to achieve real results.

The Customer Success Program has provided a support network for Lloyd and his team, but it’s not just a one-way relationship: his Consultant has proactively approached him with suggestions for things he can work on. 

Lloyd says, “The data tells us now that over the last 12 months, our numbers have risen dramatically. Revenue is up 15%, chair utilization is up 16%, new patients are up 10%... it’s phenomenal. And I attribute that to really knowing our numbers.” 



Knowing the numbers can only drive business growth, however, if they’re interpreted properly. That’s where the Customer Success Consultant comes in. 

“My monthly calls from my Customer Success Consultant have been really useful in helping me to work through the data the program has provided for us,” Lloyd saysThe best-practice recommendations that she put to me were fantastic—they really helped me understand what was going on on a day-to-day basis. They allowed us to re-jig things and to get people to do the things that I needed them to do, supported by the data.” 

Learning more about global best-practices has also been invaluable to Lloyd. “To look at your practice against what other practices have been doing well… has been a really great experience. It’s great to understand the machinations behind what makes a good dental practice.” 

818 Dental has been in business for over 20 years, but Lloyd recommends this program to other dental practitioners in all stages of their business development: “It really is a kind of program that helps anybody, no matter what stage they’re at in their dental practice cycle, to get better at what they’re doing. 

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