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Success Stories

The Wellington Dental Practice

From strength to strength: 
The Wellington Dental Practice’s feedback journey 

Whether you want them to or not, your patients talk about your practice with their friends and family, in community groups, and on social media.

However, are they saying good things?
The Wellington Dental Practice was on a mission to find out!  

Building their online reviews 

“The main driver for us trialling Customer Radar was generating more Google reviews,” shares Tara Williams, Practice Manager at The Wellington Dental Practice.  

“We’d heard so much about the importance of having a good Google standing in helping patients find you.” 

As The Wellington Dental Practice were already using Henry Schein’s EXACT dental software, Customer Radar was able to seamlessly integrate into their existing system. Automated emails 


now go out about an hour after a patient has been in to see them – making timely, relevant feedback easy.

Happy patients, happy team 

As soon as they began the trial, the positive patient feedback started flooding in.  

“We started getting excellent feedback,” shares Tara.  

“One of the things the team liked the most was when they would get mentioned by name. It turned into a competition to see if they could get their name on the response word cloud by providing an exceptional experience. They started wearing their name tags more for that reason!” 

A great reputation online and off 

Within four months, the practice successfully collected 593 pieces of feedback and achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 93.26 out of 100. 

The averages NPS score across the dental industry globally is somewhere between 1 and 60, depending on which study you look at. Even for customer-centric businesses, the average NPS score is around 65-70, making The Wellington Dental Practice’s score even more impressive. 

The practice also tripled the number of Google reviews and increased their rating to 4.9 stars out of 5 

“I was willing to give Customer Radar a try but, if I’m being honest, I didn’t think we’d continue past the trial period,” shares Tara. “But seeing the positive impact on our team, and being able to quantify the monetary value of the Google reviews, has changed my mind. I’ve been actively recommending it to other practices.”