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Success Stories

Milton Dental Centre

Seamless switch to EXACT dental practice software

Switching to Software of Excellence’s EXACT Dental Practice Management software was a seamless and easy process, says Milton Dental Centre Lead Dentist, Dr. Rob Wilton. He and his team made the transition to EXACT four years ago when they joined New Zealand’s leading dental group.

Situated in the small rural town of Milton, in New Zealand’s South Island, the practice was using the locally developed Alumni software solution at the time. They made the move to EXACT dental software to bring their software in line with the rest of the nationwide group’s practices, and they haven’t looked back.

“The group uses the EXACT practice management system throughout the country,” says Rob, “so it was important for us to do the same. It was a whole new ball game compared with Alumni, which had limited functionality,” he adds.

He says his practice started out with Alumni and used it for just accounting and recalls. However, with EXACT’s functionality, they are now well on the way towards becoming paperless. “There is a lot of convenience and time saving associated with becoming a paperless practice,” he says.

“We now do all of our dental charting, treatment plans, referral letters and other key practice operations with EXACT, which streamlines things tremendously. EXACT’s recall system and the ability to send texts and emails to patients automatically is light years ahead of what we were doing with Alumni.“

Rob was very impressed with the initial training provided during the switchover to EXACT. He explains that the Software of Excellence team had a technical support person on site during the transition, who gave a full day’s training and support when the system went live.

“He was very thorough and we had no problems switching over. The training was also very good,” he says. He adds that the ongoing support is also very comprehensive. “We occasionally have to ring for support and my team are very happy with the service levels.”

Rob says that he and the team also enjoy the ease of use of EXACT. “I’m not a young person and I’m not that computer literate, but I’m able to do everything I need with EXACT with no difficulties,” he explains. “The rest of my team have found it excellent and easy to use, including visiting dentists, hygienists and therapists.”

Milton Dental Centre has always been a busy practice, says Rob, so it’s hard to quantify the precise results the EXACT system have delivered in terms of time and cost savings. However, he is very clear that the automated recalls, in particular, have delivered a significant boost for their practice. “We have definitely saved time with recalls,” he says. “Patients now get automatic reminder and confirmation texts and emails and we are seeing the benefits.”

“We still do some phoning, but the volume has dropped dramatically and we are now booked much further ahead because of the efficient recall system.”

Rob also explains that the implementation of EXACT now means that they very rarely experience a fail-to-attend.

He has a glowing recommendation for any practice considering switching from their current practice management software. “EXACT is very comprehensive and I don’t envisage any practice needing anything beyond what it offers. Based on our experience, I would be happy to recommend it to anybody.”

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