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Success Stories

Grafton Dental

EXACT a great software that has only gotten better with time

Auckland based practice Grafton Dental prides itself on being a sophisticated and state of the art dental clinic.


Principal dentist and practice owner Dr. Vaibhav Talesara has been a satisfied EXACT user for more than a decade.

 Dr. Talesara explains why:

“I was introduced to EXACT 11 years ago at the practice I used to locum at and never looked back! It’s a software that has only gotten better, more efficient and simpler with time.

The things that I like most about EXACT are:

1) User friendly and very intuitive design of the software.

2) Great after sales support and online forum to assist with troubleshooting.

3) Wonderful training staff like Miss Ming (Anna-Miringa) who literally holds your hand and guides you through the important steps of using EXACT, not just for beginners but also for experienced users.

There is always something to learn from her. I highly recommend EXACT to all my colleagues.

A great software is made by good developers, but it becomes the best by its support crew who help, troubleshoot and assist you all the way through....and EXACT is exactly that!”

Dr. Vaibhav Talesara, Principal Dentist & Owner - Grafton Dental


If you’re considering EXACT dental software for your practice, phone 0800 930 171 or email to talk to an expert.