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Success Stories

doncaster hill dental


My Customer Success Consultant is really knowledgeable…

Oliver Thitiserani

Practice Manager, Doncaster Hill

Retain Patients, Easily, with EXACT

When Doncaster Hill Dental joined the Customer Success Program, their patient retention figures were dismal. Twelve months later, the picture looked very different. 

When Oliver Thitiserani, Practice Manager of Doncaster Hill Dental in Melbourne, made the switch to EXACT in 2018, the biggest challenge his practice had been facing was retaining patients. 

In just one year, their recall effectiveness jumped from 12% to 50-60%.   


With such an improvement in retention comes increased revenue. Oliver is impressed that the Customer Success Program’s guarantee of being able to improve patient retention and boost revenue has proven true. None of this would have been possible without the support of his Customer Support Consultant. 

My Customer Success Consultant is really knowledgeable He has a report done every month and then he’ll show me the important numbers, such as revenue every month, new patients, active patients in the last 18 months, and so on. These are really important numbers that I should know, that every practice should know. 

The Customer Success Program not only provides practices with the data they need to make informed decisions and changes, but also helps them work smarter. Oliver says, The Customer Success Program has taught me to work more efficiently and more effectively.”  

It’s for this reason that he doesn’t hesitate to recommend the program to other dental practices: “I would definitely recommend the Customer Success Program to other dentists. If you would like to improve your practice, you definitely need to join this program. Definitely they’ll be able to improve the workflow of the practice, which will increase your revenue.” 

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