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Success Stories

Absolute Dental

The support and training team have been absolutely excellent from day one.

Paul Rollason

Principal Dentist Absolute Dental

First-class Customer Support Through the Customer Success Program

Absolute Dental Care switched to EXACT in December 2019 and have seen enormous business gains through the Customer Success Program.

Paul Rollason, Principal Dentist at Brisbane’s Absolute Dental, was having issues with his practice’s previous dental software when they made the switch to EXACT in December 2019. Their old recall system just wasn’t doing the job.

“The main reason for choosing EXACT Dental Software was ease of use and the simplicity of the system,” he says. “The second was the recall system. Our previous system wasn’t very good at getting the recalls through, whereas this system is much easier on my staff and gets people back through the door, which is fantastic.”

The third main reason he made the switch to EXACT was the accompanying Customer Success Program. Practices aren’t simply provided with new software and expected to decipher the data alone. 


Paul’s Customer Success Consultant helped him and other staff at his practice sort through and fully understand the data as well as the changes to business practices made as a result. “The support and training team have been absolutely excellent from day one. They’ve helped us through all the practice metrics we’ve got and the myriad of data. They’ve made us feel comfortable.”

These positive feelings have been backed up in Absolute Dental Care’s business performance. Paul calls his practice’s results in the first 12 months nothing short of amazing:

  • 11% increase in the practice’s profitability
  • 17% increase in patient recall effectiveness
  • 5% decrease in fail-to-attends
  • 14% increase in chair-time utilisation
  • 51% increase in improved work-flow
  • 100% increase in the practice’s KPIs.

The onboarding process has been “second to nothing” and the service “absolutely first class”. Needless to say, he highly recommends EXACT Dental Software and the Customer Success Program to other dental practices.

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